Solar Engagement Coordinator

Sponsor Organization

Meitus Energy Services


This internship program with Meitus Energy Services (MES) is designed to help you promote sustainability and energy cost savings for homeowners/businesses by switching to Solar and moving towards a renewable future.  It is a 3 credit program with paid commissions.  The objective of this internship is to help you build real life skills such as coordinating meetings, presenting, sales, and interacting with the community around you to build a more sustainable future.  

The position you will be holding with MES is a solar engagement coordinator.  We will provide you with all the necessary information to be a successful consultant in working with the community to help increase solar productivity.  You will be targeting neighborhoods, offices, warehouses, etc.  If they use energy, it is fair game to do your part and educate them on why solar may be the right solution for their needs.  This is a field position meaning you will not be reporting to a site or an office, rather you will be going door to door in neighborhoods, coordinating meetings with individuals in the community, speaking with local businesses and conducting an on-campus event to promote the use of solar.

Job Requirements

  • Attend a local townhall meeting to present and discuss the benefits of solar for the community.
  • Coordinate a meeting with 3 businesses or schools (mix and match does not have to be 3 of each) to explore solar solutions for their property.
  • Host an on-campus event (booth, presentation for a classroom, student forum, etc.) to explain to students the benefits of solar and what it means for the community.
  • Send a bi-weekly summary report that discusses your plan of action, recent community discussions and what you have learned from the job so far.


There is serious potential to make money during this internship.  Being a solar engagement coordinator is commission based and each meeting you attend or host you will bring a lead generation list.  It is your responsibility to share the lead gen list with MES, so their sales team can reach out.  If someone from your list decides to purchase solar through MES, you will be compensated accordingly.  The way we structure our commission is paying $100 per kW on residential homes and up to $.02 per watt with commercial projects (don’t worry, we will teach you what this means)!  I will explain more below: Average residential install size = 5-10kW, therefore for each home you sell solar to, you will average a commission of $500-$1,000.  That’s right, that is only for one home! A bowling alley on the other hand may generate somewhere around 162,000 watts.  If you are paid out at $.02 a watt on that warehouse, your commission is $3,240.   Just to be clear, these are averages and can vary but from what we have seen so far, this is pretty accurate.

How to Apply

Please send resume to COO, Matthew Meitus, at He will reach out to schedule initial 15 min intro call once he receives your email!