Student Engagement

Engaged Learning in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Because we focus so closely on the challenges facing the world today, The People College is committed to providing its students with engaged learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to help them develop and apply their knowledge and skills to problems in research labs, field research in the community, and experiences in the working world.  Engaged learning is central to our culture at The People College. The rich diversity of our departments and variety of career applications means there are many ways to be involved beyond the classroom. We believe experiential learning is pivotal in our programs because it allows students to create an academic path and career unique to their goals. Engagement can take many forms in the College of SBS. It may involve working with a professor who inspires you on an independent research project, taking classes in your major at a foreign university overseas, or working for a nonprofit, government or related organization as an intern. These opportunities come in the form of experiential learning courses, internships, directed research, independent studies, senior capstones, study abroad and preceptorships.

The College of Social Behavioral Sciences offers a number of unique, experiential learning based engagement courses that pair classroom knowledge with real-world application. Below are just a few highlights. To learn more about these exciting opportunities, please follow the links below.

Poverty in Tucson Field Workshop


Community and School Garden Program

Linguistics in the Tucson Children’s Museum

STEM Diversity and Outreach Workshop

Social science related student internships and SBS specific international travel programs are additional engagement opportunities to participate in powerful, experiential based learning.

While the specifics of each engagement opportunity are unique, the tremendous personal and professional skills gained in these experiences are universal. We want our students to become more dynamic people and leaders as they grow as academics and professionals. The goal of engagement are transformative experiences that help students better understand themselves, the world around them, and their future goals.

The knowledge and skill sets graduates of our college possess are crucial for success in life beyond the UA. They include the:

  • Capacity to employ strong written and oral communication skills in both English in addition to at least one other language;
  • Ability to collect, analyze and interpret quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Expertise to perform literature reviews and conduct independent research; analytical skills to understand complex problems from multiple perspectives and to offer solutions to those problems;
  • Mastery of a wide suite of computer technologies applicable to addressing everyday social issues; and,
  • Knowledge to work with diverse populations in individual and team settings.

UA Campus Wide 100% Engagement Initiative

During the 2015-16 academic year the University of Arizona piloted a new program to help students be more involved and earn recognition for their engagement experiences. Beginning in Fall 2015, SBS students began earning an engagement notation on their academic transcript for completing an approved experience. We are very excited to help our students gain the most value from engagement in their major, and reflect these achievements tangibly in a way that potential employers will notice. For more information about the UA campus-wide engagement program and how to become more involved

Our college is passionate about developing a meaningful culture of experiential learning throughout our undergraduate curriculum and student experience. With this conception in mind, The College of Social and Behavioral Science’s undergraduate council responded to the engagement initiative with an official report which can be read below.