Videos Related to Book Publishing and Inclusive Scholarship

Inclusive Scholarship, Tenure and Promotion Roundtable

Join Drs. Katherine Morrissey (History), Maha Nassar (MENAS) and Elizabeth Oglesby (LAS and SGDE) as they discussed themes such as inclusive scholarship in their disciplines, how inclusive scholarship could be operationalized in Promotion and Tenure guidelines, and their thoughts about moving this dialogue forward.

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SBS Book Author Series: Spotlight on Dr. Maurice Rafael Magaña

Maurice Rafael Magaña, an associate professor of Mexican American Studies, delved into the review and editorial process leading up to the publication of his award-winning book, Cartographies of Youth Resistance. Explore his insights and experiences with academic publishing for his book on youth politics, migration, and art activism.

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SBS Book Author Series: Spotlight on Dr. David Gibbs and Dr. Robert Henderson

Learn about book conceptualization and more from Dr. David Gibbs (History), author of 'Revolt of the Rich,' and Dr. Robert Henderson (Linguistics), author of 'Signaling without Saying.'

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