Get the Skills You Need

Gain real-world experience and earn credit for your major through our internship programs.

Intern with porfolio talking on cell phone outside of government buildiing

Why Complete an Internship?

An internship can help you explore your career interests, gain the skills you'll need for future jobs, and build your professional network.

Many SBS majors require internships, but all students should consider doing one or more internships.

Internships by Major

Our internship program offers many opportunities for you to explore careers in non-profit work, government service, education, social services, politics and the legislature, and other fields of interest.

Contact your department's internship coordinator to learn more about internships for your major and how to apply for credit. Internship credit is also available through the SBS 393 Internship course for students not eligible for internships in their major or minor.

Major Department Internship Coordinator
American Indian Studies Amy Fatzinger
Anthropology Sandra Holm
Arabic Yaseen Noorani
Care, Health, & Society Jessica Dennes
Communication Kaylin Duncan
Creative Writing Stephanie Pearmain
Criminal Justice Studies Susan Warren
Stephanie Pearmain
Food Studies Laurel Bellante
Environmental Studies Dereka Rushbrook
Gender & Women’s Studies  Patricia MacCorquodale
Geography Dereka Rushbrook
History Katherine Morrissey
Information Laura Owen
Journalism Michael Chesnick
Judaic Studies David Graizbord
Latin American Studies Colin Deeds
Law Linus Kafka
Linguistics Diane Ohala
Mexican American Studies Sarah Simpson

Middle Eastern & North African Studies Yaseen Noorani

Laura Howard

Philosophy, Policy, Economics and Law

Peter Vanderschraaf
Political Science Susan Warren
Public Management & Policy  Susan Warren
Sociology Jessica Dennes
SBS Rachael Ronald
Urban & Regional Development Dereka Rushbrook