SBS 393 Internship Credit

Have you found an internship opportunity and want to get academic credit? You can enroll in SBS 393 if you can't get credit through your major.


You can earn credits through SBS 393 if you are not eligible for internship credits through your major or minor departments. You must also meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing with the University of Arizona: at least a 2.00 grade point average (major and cumulative) at the University of Arizona prior to enrolling for an internship. 
  • Earned a minimum of 30 credits.
  • Completed at least one full-time (12 units) semester at the University of Arizona.
  • Currently enrolled at The University of Arizona

How to Enroll

Before you can enroll in SBS 393, complete the following steps:

  1. Determine whether you are eligible. If you are eligible for internship credit through your major or minor department you may not enroll in the Social and Behavioral Sciences internship program. You must instead enroll in your department’s internship program. Contact your internship coordinator.
  2. Find and secure an internship. Check out our list of internship opportunities. The University of Arizona’s Career Services also offers tips for finding an internship.
  3. Download and complete the internship application. The application must be completed by both you and the person supervising you at your internship. The application also asks you to include your resume and a personal statement.
  4. Turn in your completed application packet to Laura Owen at Your application packet must be fully completed. The SBS 393 Internship Coordinator will review your application and notify you of the decision whether to enroll you in SBS 393.

Application Packet

Your complete application packet should include:

  • Completed application with sponsoring organization's signature
  • Personal statement
  • Professional resume
  • No internships can be approved until after 1 July 2022 UNLESS the host site has made a 100% WFH (work from home) arrangement possible or the student submits a completed waiver with the application materials.  In-person internships will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and can only be approved with a waiver.


You should turn in your internship application prior to the beginning of the term you wish to receive internship credit in.

Internship credits cannot be awarded retroactively for internship duties performed at an earlier time. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Credits, Tuition & Fees

Interns work 45 hours of work for each unit of internship credit. 

You must pay tuition and registration fees for internship credits. Consult the Tuition and Fees Calculator to determine the charges for your internship credits.


Contact Laura Owen

Download the SBS Internship Application Here

COVID Waiver

Students must complete this waiver/assessment with their supervisor in order for any in-person Internships to be approved.