Academic Affairs & Student Success

The Academic Success & Student Affairs team manages student advising, student engagement, curriculum and enrollment, instruction support, and recruitment and outreach to prospective SBS students.

Academic Affairs & Student Success Team

Photo of Amy C. Kimme Hea

Amy C. Kimme Hea

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Success

Douglass 204

Contact for Appointments: 

Photo of Rachael Ronald

Rachael Ronald

Senior Director, Student Engagement & Academic Advising

Photo of Ricky Salazar

Ricky Salazar

Associate Director, Curriculum and Enrollment Management

Photo of Isabel Contreras

Isabel Contreras

Executive Assistant

Photo of Allison Ewing-Cooper

Allison Ewing-Cooper

Assistant Director, Academic Advising

Debbie Feehs

Debbie Feehs

Program Coordinator, Senior

Photo of Lisa Howells

Lisa Howells

Course Support Specialist

Photo of Stephanie Meron

Stephanie Meron

Recruitment Coordinator

Photo of Mariah Nunes

Mariah Nunes

Student Engagement Coordinator

Tavia Szostek

Tavia Szostek

Enrollment Counselor