Academic Affairs & Student Success

The Academic Success & Student Affairs team manages student advising, student engagement, curriculum and enrollment, instruction support, and recruitment and outreach to prospective SBS students.

Academic Affairs & Student Success Team

Photo of Rachael Ronald

Rachael Ronald

Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs & Student Success

Debbie Feehs

Debbie Bamford

Program Coordinator, Senior

Photo of Isabel Contreras

Isabel Contreras

Executive Assistant

Photo of Allison Ewing-Cooper

Allison Ewing-Cooper

Director, Academic Advising

Photo of Amy C. Kimme Hea

Amy C. Kimme Hea

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Student Success

Douglass 204

Contact for Appointments: 

Photo of Stephanie Meron

Stephanie Meron

Recruitment Coordinator

Tavia Szostek

Tavia Szostek

Recruitment Coordinator, Online Programs