JEDI Minor

Minor in

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

Description of the JEDI Minor

The aim of the minor is to create a robust program in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion so that undergraduate students can apply these skills in the array of workforces that they will be situated in post-graduation. This minor is designed to reach across SBS College and University disciplines to bring together campus-wide expertise for teaching and learning in these subject areas.

This program aligns with Pillar 3 of the University’s Strategic Plan which states, “As an Arizona land grant institution, the University can build on its unique location and people to drive social, cultural, and economic impact in the 4th Industrial Revolution era. We leverage our remarkable differentiators to reinforce our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

The minor will have a direct impact on undergraduate learning and growth in areas that are needed across communities, industry and education.

Declaring the JEDI Minor

Any advisor can declare the JEDI minor. Students can also follow the link below to sign-up for the JEDI Minor online.

Students may book advising appointments with the JEDI Advisor through the Trellis Advising website. A meeting with the JEDI Minor Advisor is recommended, but not required.

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JEDI Minor Requirements

18 total units required


  • A minimum of 12 units must be upper division (300-499 level)
  • Minimum 2.00 GPA required in the JEDI minor 
  • Required Core Course: SBS 302 Foundations of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (3 units)
  • Required JEDI Minor Electives: 15 units, 9+ must be upper division units
    • A minimum of 3 JEDI Minor elective courses (9 units) must be from the SBS College; see JEDI MINOR CHECKLIST for course options.
    • No more than 2 JEDI Minor elective courses (6 units) can be from Colleges outside of SBS; see JEDI MINOR CHECKLIST for course options.
  • JEDI Minor courses may NOT be taken for Pass/Fail credit.

Review the JEDI MINOR CHECKLIST for a full list of the minor requirements and course options.

Double Use of Minor Coursework

JEDI Minor courses may NOT be shared with any other major/minor within the same degree. Speak to the JEDI Advisor to discuss rules for sharing General Education courses with the JEDI minor.


Please contact the JEDI Advisor, Christopher Cruz,, with any questions about the JEDI minor and how you can declare!